Assignment 3 - Create an Early Literacy Website or Blog for Your Library

Imagine that you have the opportunity to advertise your library’s new early literacy initiative on the library’s website and/or blog. Create a website for free using Google Pages or create a blog for free using Edublog. What elements of Every Child Ready to Read will you include? Be mindful of your audience (who is reading your blog? Is it for staff or patrons?). Include your web address or blog address in the class wiki. Explore your classmates’ projects and make a high quality comment to one of them.

This assignment will be worth 15 points. Make sure you have:
Created a website or blog hightlighting the six pre-reading skills (6pts)
Intended audience is clear 3 pts
Uploaded the url for your blog or website on the class wiki (1 pt)
Commented to a classmate (5 pt)
Upload your assignments below: