ecrr.jpgFinal Project: ECRR @ Your Library Presentations

Students will be divided into groups and given the task of creating one of ALA’s three Every Child Ready to Read @ Your Library programs in a video format that will be uploaded to the class Wiki. You will discuss and plan the project via Oncourse Chat, Email or another virtual communication source. The program will be instructional in nature. You videotape yourself (or get someone to tape you) performing some part of the ECRR program.

Please look closely at the six pre-reading skills on this site and the ECRR site. You will be expected to discuss each of these skills, show examples of appropriate books and present a “mock” reading of at least one book highlighting one skill.

You will also be required to present one developmental fact that would be suitable to say to parents and caregivers during a storytime presentation. You can use any of the research from eh redings or websites but please cite your source.

The final project is worth 20 points:
Participated in electronic discussion (email, chat, etc.) with group; one group member uploaded transcript of discussion to Oncourse (1 pt)
Presented and explained each of the six pre-reading skills (12 pts)
Showed examples of appropriate books (2 pts)
Presented mock readings of one book highlighting at least two skills (2 pts)
Included developmental fact from research, cited source (2 pts)
Uploaded video to class Wiki (1 pt)

Upload your assingment below: