Assignment 4 - Booklist

Find five titles from each of the age groups as designated by a library from the list that has implemented and early literacy program on
Birth to Two Years Old
their website. Your list will total 15 books.
Locate these books at your local library and critically assess them. Do you agree or disagree with the library’s list? Are there titles that you would have included – why? Are there titles that you are surprised are on the list – why?
Now look at the books again, keeping in mind the six pre-reading skills highlighted in Every Child Ready to Read. List which skills would be more appropriate for each book and note why. Upload your paper to the class wiki. Read a classmate’s assignment and make a thoughtful response.

This assignment will total 15 points. Make sure your assignment includes.
15 book titles, 5 from each age group ( birth to two, two and three, four and five) listed as an annotated bibliography (2 pts)
note which library’s website and booklist you are exploring (1 pt)
write your thoughts assessing the books that have been included – do you agree or disagree with its inclusion and why? (2 pts)
list any books that are not included that you would have included – why? (2pts)
note which pre reading skill would best be suited to which book – go through each of the 15 (2 pts)
upload your paper to the class wiki (1 pt)
respond to a classmate’s paper (5 pts)

Upload your assignment below: