St Joseph County Public Library "Pirate Day, 2006"
Assignment 2 - Storytime Observation
Attend and observe a story program at your local library (any program for children who have not yet begun kindergarten is acceptable). You will observe the program and interview the presenter about the preparation process. Write up a summary of the program, including the early literacy standards met by the program, the programmer's rationale behind doing the program and the audience's reaction. Include your opinion of the program and any changes you would suggest.
Upload your summary (1-2 pages) to our class wiki. Make one high quality response to a classmate. Your assignment should include each of these aspects to total 15 points.
  • Observed appropriate story time (1 pt)
  • Paper is well-written, follows correct format, grammar, spelling, etc. (1 pt)
  • Interview includes preparation process information (1 pt)
  • Interview includes presenter's rationale (1 pt)
  • Paper includes early literacy standards above that are met (or not met) by the program (1 pt)
  • Paper includes audience reaction (1 pt)
  • Paper includes thoughtful opinion of the program (2 pts)
  • Paper includes any suggested changes (or a reason why no changes are necessary) (1 pt)
  • Paper was successfully uploaded to class wiki (1 pt)
  • Student responded to a classmate (5 pts)
Upload your Storytime Obervations below: